I was focusing the scope while I noticed some dust spots on the camera CCD. I cleaned the sensor (twice) and after cleaning it I noticed that new big black spot. I got really annoyed thinking that it was so difficult to clean that  CCD... when i saw the spot moving through the screen! Unfortunately the capture software was set to grab only 300 frame per sequence so i had to restart the grabbing many times losing some precious seconds between the movies. At the same time i must follow manually  doing some mistakes while pressing the handbox slewing keys due to the sudden excitement. The Moon was 36° above the horizon not far to reach the Meridian. I thought to a Geosynchronous satellite but some calculations demonstrated that it should have been really huge! Now we are trying to investigate about the possible cause of this event. We guess it could be a meteo balloon even if the size of the object seems not to fit with this option.

Have fun!


If you can't see the video perhaps you need the DiVX codec. Download it for free at : http://www.divx.com


UTO - Unidentified Tracked Object

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